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Companion Care of South Florida.
Dedicated to Providing the Best In-Home HealthCare.

We Treat Your Loved Ones Like Our Loved Ones; With Dignity and Respect.


We will care for you wherever you need it. We support or supplement your care in the hospital, skilled nursing facility, assisted living facility, or transition program. Whatever your needs are, whether it be Nurses, CNAs, home health aides or companions, we will provide them and be there for you.


We have extremely high standards for recruiting, screening , evaluation and on the job supervision.

All Applicants are asked to provide evidence of training certificates, licenses and or degrees that they have earned, as well as the verification of reference and criminal background checks.

Our staff promotes wellness and self determination. We inspire our clients to reach their highest potential.  


Companion Care of South Florida provides these medically supervised services to the patient at home:


  • Meal Preparation

  • Bathing

  • Doctor's Appointments

  • Dressing

  • Continued enjoyment of life 

  • Light housekeeping

  • Medication Management

  • Daily Activities/Outings

  • And many other services  See more >>

Our Staff

Is dedicated to :



  • Licensed

  • Insured

  • Caring

  • Dependable

  • Courteous

  • Honest

  • Professional

  • Affordable

  • And many other options  See more >>

Better Care Starts with You!


“My mom was going to need help. Just a few days a week for a few hours a day. That certainly would be enough

Companion Care Stepped in and gave her far more than enough, Over the next several years my mom was fortunate to have two beautiful people enter her life. Pattie and Janine not only became mom's caregivers, but her friends.

Along with a lifetime of nursing experience came years of working with the medical community. I cannot tell you how gratifying it is knowing that mom's caregiver knew dozens of doctors and specialists by name, and had professional relations with all of them. Getting appointments was never an issue. They made sure all the right question were asked during those appointments.

Companion Care of South Florida is trust and dependability. They were there at any time of the day. They became family. In the (three years) together mom, Patty and Janine ate together, shopped together, laughed and cried together, got to know everything about their families. This was so important for my mom. Being a part of a daily conversation was extremely necessary for her wellbeing as well as her memory skills.

Dedication to the job became dedication to the individual. Not just as a client, but the person. There is a difference . Mom loved her companions, and our entire family felt the same

I am so grateful that mom had Companion Care of South Florida in her life ”


Marc Goldberg

“All of us will, at some point in our lives, face the inevitability of aging. This will happen to us personally and to someone we love. At times when we face the inability of our bodies to preform all the tasks necessary to live a full and vibrant life, it may become evident that we need assistance. This has happened to me and my family twice in recent years, once to my father-in-law and second to my cousin to whom i was her closest relative living near her. It was at this most difficult time that i was fortunate enough to find the services of Companion Care of South Florida. This firm owned and operated by two very compassionate and loving souls, Pattie and Mike Seldin, and all of their employees were there for me and my family doing everything possible to make my loved ones' lives as comfortable and stress free as humanly possible. Every single member of the team at Companion Care was available for every member of our family 24/7 at a moment's notice when required. Their punctuality, quality and level of care was incomparable. On behalf of every member of my family i cannot recommend highly enough the services of Companion Care of South Florida. Should you require assistance at this most vulnerable time in your lives.


Mark Weissman

Former Florida State Representative


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